Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ms. Independent

I am becoming a "big girl"...I turned 15 months old on Tuesday! I am also becoming more independent and can be somewhat stubborn. Last night I wanted to feed myself with a fork. No help, please!
"Oooh...I got some pasta on the fork!"

"Oh yeah! Good stuff!"
 If Mama and Dada don't buckle me into my high chair, this is what happens...
Don't worry. I wasn't going to fall. Mama and Dada
were right there to catch me. This was just to prove that
I like to try and stand in my chair.
I was done eating and ready to play. ;-)

Tomato Sauce Face!
I guess that's what happens when I try to feed myself.

I get messy!

Oh, and I also like to "read" my
bathtime book by myself now. :-)
 And a "big girl" belongs on the "big couch", right? Here I am hanging out with Dada. Oh, and I also know how to climb down from the couch all by myself.
My 15 Month update:
Current likes: Feeding Sidney anything that I am eating from my high chair (until Mama says it's enough), playing with all of my new toys from Christmas (rocking chair, my shopping car, duplo building blocks, and stroller), using my new walking (basically running) skills to get EVERYWHERE, my new car seats in the cars and playing with my infant seat in the living room and using it as a chair to watch T.V. with dada (see picture below) and of course snuggle time with Mama and Dada (but only when I get sleepy because I am pretty much always on the go!). Oh, and I am ticklish. Hee! Hee!
"What is Dada watching? Sports again???
Current dislikes: My new teeth coming in (ouch!) and I don't like to be picked up from daycare. Sorry Mama and Dada, it's just so much fun playing with all of my friends....don't worry, I still love you the most! Which reminds me, here is a picture of all my daycare friends that Ms. Angie gave us for Christmas. It's sitting on the dresser in my room.
In other news: I still have 12 teeth, but like I mentioned above, there are new teeth coming in on the bottom. Two have started to poke through. I still LOVE to eat. I'm like Mama and have a sweet tooth. Aunt Michelle, Uncle Guenni, and Kai sent me some German chocolate and boy oh boy is it YUMMY! (Hint Hint: you can bring some more next week when you come visit. Hee! Hee!) I can't wait until next week when our company from Germany arrives. I can't wait to share all of my new toys with Kai!!!

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