Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kai and I

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our company. It was very sad, but at least we got to spend a couple of days together. Of course, Mama took this opportunity to take lots of pictures (184 to be exact!!! Check them out on my babyharbin.shutterfly website). Here are some more of Kai and I:
Kai and I
 Yes, you can definitely tell that we are related. The next two pictures prove it. No captions needed.
 Hee! Hee!:

 Bathtime with Kai was fun. We loved playing with all of my bath toys.

So happy to have a friend in the tub!

I let Kai use my frog towel. Doesn't he look so cute?!? :-)

Kisses from Kai! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!
 We both look rather mischevievous in the next picture. Ha! Ha!:
 I loved snuggle time with Aunt Michelle (well, everyone really. I liked hanging out with Uncle Guenni and Gretel and I snuggled in my rocking chair for a good hour and a half the one day. I didn't want to lay down in my crib. Who would when there is someone to snuggle with?!?)
 We tried getting some nice pictures of Aunt Michelle, Kai, Mama and me. I wasn't really cooperating...
 ...using my scanner from my shopping cart as a phone was much more fun.
"Hello? Anybody there?"
 Kai cooperated...
 Our best shot. Apparently I was having a great conversation on my "phone":

Here are some videoes that Mama took of Kai and I:
#1 Walking around the house with the baby strollers (Kai tried to sit down in mine. Ha ha!):
#2 - Baby Wrestling round-2 (remember the post from Aunt Michelle and Uncle Guenni's wedding? This was round 2. I must have enjoyed Kai sitting on me because I didn't really fight back. Hee! Hee!)
#3 - This one is just me, but it was taken just for you, Kai! This is in case you miss my toys and the songs that they play. You can listen and dance, even when you are back in Germany. Love and miss you lots! (You too Aunt Michelle, Uncle Guenni, and Omi Gretel)

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