Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy Happy New Year!!!
Mama, Dada, and I went up to Statesville again to celebrate with our friends Andy, Lindsey, and Aubrey.
I had fun playing with Aubrey's toys and hanging out with her.
I LOVED the baby stroller.

"How do I put this thing on?"

Tooot! Tooot! Happy New Year!
I was unable to blow and make the noise but I pretended to
blow into it and made my own noise. :)

Aubrey and I enjoyed "cooking" in her kitchen.

Checking out Chaser. He's so much smaller than my Sidney! this blog is usually all about me, but these pictures MUST be posted. Andy and Lindsey have the X Box Kinect dance game.  Mama and Dada are both NOT dancers but they gave it a try and had fun. Here are some pictures:
Check out those dance moves!
Aubrey and I enjoyed watching them.

Here I am trying to imitate some of the dance moves.

Mama and Lindsey give it a try.

Ok....I have to get up and dance too!!!

We were blocked off from the stairs...

Silly faces!

Family picture time!
 We were at the Mehall's pretty late, so Mama got me ready for bed there. This meant that I got to take a bath with Aubrey. We had fun splashing around in the tub and I kept trying to drink the water. Hee! Hee!
Splish! Splash!

"Who is that cute baby in the mirror?"
I always like to check myself out after bath time.
I almost made it all the way to midnight. I'm a party girl and was having a great time at the Mehall's. We left there at 10:30, which put us home at 11:30. I was pretty cranky at that point and made it until 11:45. I could have probably rang in the new year if Mama hadn't rocked me to sleep in the rocking chair. Oh well. She held me until midnight and gave me the first kiss of the year.
I hope everyone had a wonderful new year! Love and miss you all!

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