Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gammy & Pappy

On Thursday we got company again! Gammy, Pappy, and their dog Lexie came to visit for the weekend. Uncle Dave was also here (Dada and Uncle Dave went to a Nascar Convention). We had lots of fun playing and snuggling. Here are some pictures from the weekend:
Hanging out with Pappy while I check out my new book.
It's a princess book that has a small keyboard attached
to it. Gammy & Pappy got it for me.
 On Friday, we went to the Flying Saucer for dinner.

I liked playing with Pappy's wallet!
Uncle Dave brought Dada the new I-Pad. Let me just tell you.....playing my "Color Dots" game on the I-Pad is soooooo much cooler than playing it on the I-Touch. The dots are ginormous!!!
Oooh! So fascinating!
 This morning (while Dada and Uncle Dave were at the Nascar Convention), Pappy, Gammy, Mama and I went to Shuffletown Diner for breakfast. I enjoyed some toast with grape jelly, pancakes, French toast, bacon, and some of Pappy's grits. Yum! Yum!
Pappy, Gammy and me.

Gammy and me.
 We also went to Concord Mills mall today to do some shopping. I got an adorable outfit with matching shoes and a hat (pictures will be posted soon). I also got new sparkly purple shoes and sparkly purple sunglasses.
Pappy and I take a break at the mall.
 You'll notice that I got a new "cupcake kitchen" from Gammy and Pappy. It came with four cupcakes, sprinkles, a pot, silverware, and plates. It is so much fun to play with!
I cooked up a yummy meal.

"Here, Uncle Dave, would you like to try a cupcake?"
 Here I am testing out my new sparkly sunglasses:
Being silly

Rock star!!!
 I LOVE Lexie. She is so calm and sweet and lets me play with her and pet her. I love giving Sidney dog treats so I of course had to give Lexie some too.
"Here you go, Lexie, a treat just for you!"
Thanks for comring to visit. I had a great time and can't wait until you come back to visit again. Love you lots!

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