Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Favorites

Since today is the last day of 2012, it's a great day to look back on the year. Mama and Dada looked through all of the pictures from this year (and that's a lot!) and picked their favorite for each month. Dada's pick is always first and then Mama's pick. Enjoy!














I hope that everyone has a wonderful New Year's. I am heading up to Statesville soon to spend mine with my best bud, Aubrey.
Love you all and may you all have a wonderful and blessed 2013! I can't wait to see what's in store for me! :-)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Discovery Place Kids

Today Mama and I went to Discovery Place Kids in Huntersville again. We met up with Aubrey and London (and their Mama's too!) and had a great time exploring. We really liked playing with the animals at the Vet's, grocery shopping, and pretending to make and serve food at the restaurant. It's a great place to go and play and I can't wait to go back!
We are ready to go and explore!
 Checking on all of the animals at the Vets.
 Grocery shopping with Aubrey.
 London joined in too!
 London and I prepared a meal at the restaurant.
 Being silly with my best bud Aubrey.
I tried the balance beam all by myself.
Well, with a little help from the wall.
 "Come on, Aubrey!"
Yesterday I got to open all of the presents that were at my house since we went home to PA. Thanks to everyone for all of the AWESOME presents!
Dada got me a Mickey Mouse and blanket. 
 Awesome new bath toys from Bebe and Pappy!
I can't wait to try them out and skype.
 New PJs and a dress from Oma and Opa.
The PJs are super snuggly!
 My new toy all the way from Germany. Danke!
Mama had one of these as a little girl and I think
she likes to play with it just as much as I do. Hee Hee!
I also got lots of other toys and clothes. Thank you, thank you, again! Love and miss you all!
Oh, and a very special message for my Uropa in Germany. It's his birthday today.
"Alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag. Ich Liebe Dich!" (Happy Birthday. I love you!)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow What Fun!

Today I got to experiment my first snow! Well, I have seen snow before but I was an itty bitty baby. At first I wasn't too sure about it but then I enjoyed it (at least for a little's COLD!). Here are some pictures from my "Snow Day".
Looking out of the window at the diner wondering what all of that white stuff is.
 Mama and me in the snow.
 After playing in the snow, I decided to snuggle with Kitty Cat.
 Enjoying some dinner at the Outback with Bebe and Pappy.
*I still can't say "Gammy" and I call her "Bebe" so we
are officially switching over on the blog.
 I got brave and walked in the snow.
 Bebe and me.
 It's too cold outside....I would rather play with the I-pad. Hee Hee!
 I also got to decorate Gingerbread houses today with Bebe.
 "I eat M&Ms!" is what I kept saying!
 Smooches for Bebe!
 Those M&Ms are tasty.
 Decorating Gingerbread houses is so much fun!

 Our Gingerbread house village.
Can you tell which ones I decorated and which ones Mama decorated???