Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sweater Party 2011

Mama and Dada had their annual "Christmas Sweater Party" last night. There were some interesting outfits that people wore (pictures at the end of this blog). However, since this blog is all about me I will tell you about my night. :-) I looked adorable and fashionable in my reindeer dress from Grammy and Pappy. I wore this dress in particular because I knew that my friend Carson would be wearing a reindeer sweater. Our parents are already talking about our future wedding someday. Hee! Hee! Not only was Carson here, but I also had lots of other friends who came to see me...
Ready for the party in my reindeer dress!

Waitng patiently in my rocking chair.
*I have 2 pigtails even though it just looks like one. Ha ha!

Dada (looking a little creepy may I add), Andy, Aubrey
and me.
Grammy and Pappy sent me a quad for Christmas. It's been put together for a while now (remember me playing in that big box a couple of blogs ago?) and has been hidden behind the Christmas tree. However, since all of my friends were here, they decided that I should share and I went for many rides around the house...
Aubrey and me.

Trey was here too. He's still too small for the quad so
we took a picture on the couch instead.

Carson and I took a picture too...

...and he sneaks a kiss!

Aren't we so cute in our reindeer outfits?

Carson and I also enjoyed a ride around the house.

My friend Zack was here too. He's also too small for the
quad so we enjoyed playing with my stacking blocks.
What a fun fun night! Just like last year, I was a party girl and had fun hanging out with everyone. I was very pleasant and enjoyed being around people. I went to bed around 10. Hee! Hee!
As promised, some pictures of the sweater outfits:
Lisa, Brad, Stephanie, Steven, and Emily

Mama, Kathy, Matt, and Dada.

Brett, Jen, Dada, Otto, and Michele.

Oh...and the coolest sweater was Brad's! It had Christmas
ornaments on it and LIGHTS that actually blinked.
It was pretty fascinating to watch while I enjoyed my milk.
Good times! Good times!

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