Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa "Cry" Baby!

Mama and Dada are going on the naughty list! They took me to see Santa Claus today. Don't they know that I don't like to be held by strangers??? It was quite the tear filled experience...
Looking skeptical already....where are we Dada?

Oh no....not liking it one bit!
(Santa's nose looks brown because my pigtail is covering it)

Santa had to use his muscles to hold me!

Mama save me please!

Really, Mama, stop smiling and get me off. :-)

This is a picture of the picture we received at Bass Pro Shop
We'll try again next year!
Oh...Mama almost forgot to add this picture. I wasn't upset very long. Once I was in my car seat (which is still pretty new and front facing) I was my silly old self again. It may not be very lady like but I love all of the wiggle room I have now. :-)

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