Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy St. Nicholas Day

Soooo it's a good thing that St. Nicholas brought my present this morning because my behavior at daycare would have earned me a lump of coal.  :-(
Apparently I thought it was a good idea to pull my friend Kenya's hair. She didn't like it so much and decided to bite me! I also thought it was a good idea to pull my friend William's hair. He's younger than me so he didn't bit me. I will try to be nicer tomorrow. :-)
Here I am checking out my play-doh from St. Nicholas

I liked smushing it down with my hand.

Here is the evidence of my daycare behavior today. Oopsie!

Here are also some more pictures from the past couple of days:
Fun with Mama's scarf!
 As promised, pictures from the Christmas photo shoot:
Checking out Dada...my favorite person
in the world right now. Mama is pretty cool
too but I prefer to say "Dada" ALL of the time!
 *On a side note: When Dada picked me up today I called out "Dada". I love him! :-)
Cheesing for the camera!

Smiling at Mama

She's sooo silly!

Checking out some Christmas ornaments.

Can I eat these things? (because I really
do like to eat absolutely everything).
P.S. Happy happy birthday to my Great Aunt Petra! I love and miss you lots!

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