Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Spirit

This weekend Mama, Dada, and I were busy getting into the Christmas spirit. On Friday night we enjoyed "Christmas in Davidson" with the Mehall's and on Saturday we went to the Otto's for a "Turtleneck Sweater Party". We also had a fun Christmas photo shoot and got our Christmas cards ordered. You can see the card in the blog below. Mama and Daddy will get $10 off of their next order just for posting their card on my blog. :-) Mama will post some of the photo shoot pictures in the next couple of days...there are so many and she has to sort through her favorites. Here are some pictures from our weekend:
Dressed up in my Christmas outfit
and ready to go meet the Mehall's.
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Lounging in the high chair and enjoying some dinner with
Aubrey before heading to Christmas in Davidson.

The adults enjoyed some hot chocolate.
I didn't get any. :-(

Family picture in front of a huge
Christmas tree.

Picture with Mama.

Aubrey and me.

Whew! That was tiring! I stayed up way past my bedtime
but did not fall asleep while in Davidson.

Dressed in my turtleneck and fancy Christmas socks for the
party at the Otto's.

Family picture time!
I also have to report my current likes and dislikes because I am 14 months old now!! Can you believe it?!? Mama and Aunt Michelle are only 14 months apart so if Mama would have followed in Oma's footsteps there would be a baby any day now. I'm not ready to share them with anyone just yet. ;-)
Likes: Trying to feed myself with a fork and a spoon (I am pretty stubborn), splashing during bath time, feeding Sidney (I drop food from my high chair...we are becoming pretty good friends now-a-days), climbing in and out of my rocking chair, I love my milk (water will do and I am not a big fan of juice), and playing with my toys. I am a very content baby overall.
Dislikes: Getting picked up from daycare. I always give Mama and Dada a smile (I am happy to see them) but I just don't want to leave. I have all of my friends there and lots of toys. As soon as they try to take me I cry. Can't they just stay there and play with us? ;-)
In other news: My walking skills are improving daily (see videos in previous post) and I have 12 teeth! My four molars in the back have broken through and are pretty much grown in.

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