Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year of Daycare

This year for Christmas, Ms. Angie gave all the parents a CD of the pictures that she took this year. (What a great gift!!!). So since it is the end of 2011, here are some never before seen pictures of me this year at daycare...

Just lounging...
Can you guess the food I ate? :-)
In the jumper. I LOVED this thing!
Hanging out with my buddy William.
We planted flowers for Mother's Day.

William and me.
"What's for lunch?"
Checking out what the big kids are eating.
Happy girl!

At the pumpkin patch.
Watching my friend Kenya paint. Pretty soon I will be able
to do that too.
I am lucky to have Ms. Angie and all of my daycare friends. :-)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Merry Christmas!! Mama, Dada, and I enjoyed another relaxing day and I got to explore and play with all of my new toys.
We attempted a family picture but the camera battery was dying so it's kind of blurry:

Dada, Sidney and me.
*Today, I drove Sidney crazy because I was chasing
her around the house all day..she didn't like it so much.

Here I am exploring my aqua doodle from Uncle Guenni,
Aunt Michelle and Kai

Here is a special message for them:
Merry Christmas! I love you! Ayla

Fun with Dada on the couch.

He makes me smile!

Mama and me.
Oh that the presents are gone from underneath the tree, I have complete access to it. I like to pull the ornaments from the tree. Hee! Hee!

"Let me just reach over here and grab this one..."

Mama took two videos of me today. One of me on my rocking horse and one of me playing with my aqua doodle. Enjoy!
And here is my piece of artwork:

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Chrismas Eve everybody! Mama, Dada, and I enjoyed a nice peaceful evening just the three of us. We got to Skype with Grammy, Pappy, Nana, Mallory, Mica, Oma, Opa, Tabitha, David, Dylon, Zachariah (Happy Birthday!), and Eileen today!
I might as well start calling Mama and Dada the Paparazzi....seriously, I don't know who took more pictures of me today. Ha Ha! It's a good thing though because now I can share some pictures with all of our family and friends...
I got to open my first present early this afternoon...

A Steelers outfit from Dada!

It's quite cozy!

Being silly for the camera!
 Once the Steelers game was over, Mama decided to dress me up a little bit. After all, it is Christmas Eve and keeping with her traditon, we dressed up, ate our Christmas meal, and opened presents tonight.
I still love my rocking chair. Although, this dress made
it a little bit harder to get in and out of it.

Check out that fancy bow!

 Our Christmas dinner consisted of: ham, mashed potatoes, peas & carrots, baked potatoes with cheese and bacon, and bacon wrapped shrimp. Dada was the chef today and did most of the cooking.
Pounding my silverware...I am ready to eat!
 Present time...
Skyping with Oma, Opa, and Tabitha

I really enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper.

I got a "Terrible Toddler Towel" and some stuffed animals.

I also got a new dinnerware set "The Princess Eats".

Riding on my new rocking horse
from Grammy and Pappy.

A picture with Mama

A picture with Dada
 Mama and Dada also got me a princess tent this year. It's quite big and takes up quite a bit of space. I like to climb in and out of the windows, so Mama and Dada will have to keep a close eye on me so that I don't rip it. ;-)
Loving my new tent!

We had a wonderful night and look forward to spending Christmas together tomorrow. Merry Christmas! Love and miss you all!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Carolina Christmas #2

Tonight Mama, Dada, and I continued our tradition of going to Lowes Motor Speedway for their Carolina Christmas lights show. The set up was very different from last year and Mama and Dada weren't quite as impressed, but what do I know...I slept through the whole thing last year (and my hat was covering my eyes anyway). I had a good time and enjoyed the lights that moved! Oh, and I have to share this story...Mama forgot to put the memory stick back in the camera for the fancy camera! Luckily she had her small Sony camera in her purse too. Lesson learned: Always check to make sure the memory stick is in the camera before going anywhere. :-)
Lights and the speedway

Lights at the speedway
 Mama kept turning around and making me laugh...
"You're so silly, Mama!"

Dada and I inside of the track.
 There was a free petting zoo. I was pretty interested in the animals but didn't touch any.
"Hello, Mr. Goat!"

Just watching all of the animals...
 There was a giant statue of Santa there. He wasn't quite as scary as the real one!

 We had to get our picture taken in front of one of the many trees again.
 This one is our tree at home...
Self portrait with Mama
 Oh, and then I found Dada's wallet and enjoyed going through it. A girl's gotta start early, right? ;-)
It was a fun night and a fun tradition. Stay tuned for many more pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa "Cry" Baby!

Mama and Dada are going on the naughty list! They took me to see Santa Claus today. Don't they know that I don't like to be held by strangers??? It was quite the tear filled experience...
Looking skeptical already....where are we Dada?

Oh no....not liking it one bit!
(Santa's nose looks brown because my pigtail is covering it)

Santa had to use his muscles to hold me!

Mama save me please!

Really, Mama, stop smiling and get me off. :-)

This is a picture of the picture we received at Bass Pro Shop
We'll try again next year!
Oh...Mama almost forgot to add this picture. I wasn't upset very long. Once I was in my car seat (which is still pretty new and front facing) I was my silly old self again. It may not be very lady like but I love all of the wiggle room I have now. :-)