Thursday, November 3, 2011

13 months old!

Today I am 13 months old! Here's a little update about myself...
Current likes: Music, my toys from my birthday...especially my kitchen from Grammy and Pappy and my shape snail from Oma and Opa. I of course!, crawling around quickly (I am working on that whole walking thing), Sidney and Crosby. Sidney actually lets me near her sometimes. I think she figured out that I drop a lot of food. :) Oh...and splashing around in the bath tub. Daddy also lets me watch Baby Einsteins in the morning after Mommy leaves for work.
Current dislikes: Sleeping through the night. I like to get up at least once a night...normally around 3:00 a.m. I was "winning" the sleep battle for a while again and Mommy would come and get me because my crib hadn't been lowered to the lowest setting and she didn't want me to fall out. She would take me to the guest bed and nice! Well.....Daddy lowered the crib ant it's back to the old "cry it out" method. Boo! :(
In other news: I have my first molar (top left) and the other teeth are coming through soon. Maybe that's why I get cranky in the middle of the night??? I did take 5 steps on my own but I'm still very wobbly. I'm working on it and do enjoy walking along furniture.
Here are some pictures from the past couple of days and from today:
My face says it all! That's how I felt about touching the
inside of a pumpkin. :-)

Checking myself out in my Halloween book.

Hello Piglet!
FYI: This costume is 18 to 24 months...remember this blog is
"13 months old!" It was still big on me. :-)

Mommy decorated this Haunted House.
Thanks Grammy for the kit...I'll help when I am older.

The Haunted House

This was at dinner today.
Check out my concentration!

This was right before I tried to eat the crayon. Hee! Hee!
Don't worry...they were non-toxic.
We'll end the blog with some videos.
#1 Me babbling after bath time the other night
#2 Me playing with my kitchen set. I LOVE the ABC song and I like to bounce to it. The background noise is Daddy putting away the dishes. Sorry. :-)

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