Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pretty in Pink (and Blue!)

Today I had on two very special dresses. My pink dress is handmade by my Great Grandmother is Germany (who I also got to Skype with today! Yay) and the blue and white dress was once worn by my Aunt Michelle (who I also got to skype with today!) and Mommy!
Uh oh! It's a picture day again today, huh?

I'll go play with my kitchen from Grammy and Pappy.

What would you like for me to cook for you?

Playing with my toy from Oma and Opa.

Skyping with Aunt Michelle, Uncle Guenni, and Kai.
I think I'll read a book to Kai. :)

Let me concentrate.

These are my awesome tights from
my second cousin Katrin. Hello Kitty! :)

This is my home grown pumpkin (just my size!) from Oma's garden

I was fascinated by the stem.

Here's my blue and white dress.

That smile is for Daddy!

Happy Baby!

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