Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello, Cupcake!

Hello, Cupcake!
Today we celebrated my first birthday with Grammy, Pappy, Uncle Dave, Aunt Mica, Mallory, Jason and Michelle Otto, and Andy, Lindsey, and Aubrey. For this special occasion, Mommy made an awesome cupcake tower. Oma and Opa bought her the book "Hello, Cupcake" and a cupcake tower. Our tradition every year will be to pick a cupcake theme and make them to celebrate my birthday. This year's theme was "Panda Bear and Polka Dots" (Just because Mommy thought the bears were cute and because my room is polka dots). Here are some pictures of her creation:
Cupcakes cooling and waiting to be decorated.

Ta da!

I had my very own "1" cupcake on the top.

The party room

Grammy and Pappy even bought me a stuffed Panda Bear
and a book to go with the theme.

*I liked the cupcakes but not the frosting. Pictures of my celebration to follow....

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