Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kisses from Carson

Yesterday Mommy, Daddy and I went over to the Brang's to watch some college football with them and some more friends. My favorite friend was Carson! We played together and Carson even snuck in some kisses. ;-) Mommy didn't have her camera (shocker!!! I know!!!) so these pictures are courtesy of Ingrid. Thanks!
"Excuse us please. We are trying to enjoy a play date." :-)

Check out Carson's adorable grin!

"Hi Ayla"
*Carson was planning out his move. :-)

Here he is charming me with his smile and laugh.

Carson sneaks in for one of many kisses!
We look forward to many more play dates with Carson. Patrick was already planning prom. Ha ha!
Thanks again for having us over!

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  1. Ayla seemed surprisingly ok with the sneaky pecks on the cheek :) they couldn't be any cuter!