Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Friend Aubrey

What a fun day I had today!!! We went up to Statesville to visit our friends Andy, Lindsey, and Aubrey to watch some football and to celebrate Aubrey's birthday....she is my friend who is only six days older than me. Here are lots of pictures from today:
Aubrey and I looking stylish in our pink shirts and cute
hair styles!

 Aubrey has a this cool slide outside. I got to test it out.
"Hmm...what does Mommy have me doing now?"

"Woah! What happened?"
I actually did enjoy the slide. :)
 Then we tested out Aubrey's water table. Yes, it's almost October and it was warm enough to hang out in our diapers and play in the water.
I am contemplating on what to do while Aubrey tries to
drink the water. Hee! Hee!

Here's my famous pout face. It didn't last long. :)

What a fun activity!
 Next we celebrated Aubrey's birthday by singing "Happy Birthday" and having some cake.
Mommy let me try a teeny tiny bit. I'll get to really dive
into some cake next weekend when we celebrate my
big birthday!!!

I even got to open my first birthday present from the Mehalls

It's a super fun picnic basket that I can't wait to use!
Thanks for having us over....we really need to do it more often! :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kisses from Carson

Yesterday Mommy, Daddy and I went over to the Brang's to watch some college football with them and some more friends. My favorite friend was Carson! We played together and Carson even snuck in some kisses. ;-) Mommy didn't have her camera (shocker!!! I know!!!) so these pictures are courtesy of Ingrid. Thanks!
"Excuse us please. We are trying to enjoy a play date." :-)

Check out Carson's adorable grin!

"Hi Ayla"
*Carson was planning out his move. :-)

Here he is charming me with his smile and laugh.

Carson sneaks in for one of many kisses!
We look forward to many more play dates with Carson. Patrick was already planning prom. Ha ha!
Thanks again for having us over!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Big Bath Tub

Tonight I took a bath in Mommy's big tub for the very first time. I'm quickly out growing my ducky tub. I really enjoyed it and still love playing with all of my bath time toys.
"Hi Daddy! Do you see me in the big tub?"

This is fun!
 I also wore my Steelers jersey today from Uncle Dave, Aunt Mica, and Mallory. Even though they didn't win....I looked very cute!!! :)
Here I am playing with a Halloween stuffed animal that
plays music. (video to follow sometime soon)

Deep in thought

Model pose!
 These pictures are from a couple of days ago. My adorable dress is courtesy of Great Uncle Dan and Great Aunt Kathy. I look like a little Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Lately I've been testing out my pouty face and will have small tantrums when I don't get my way. See the picture below:
 But as quickly as I can pout, I can be happy and silly again too!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

11 Months Old!

I am 11 months old today! Wow!
Current likes:  bathtime and playing with the water squirter toys; phones, remotes, and any small electronic devices ;-); having someone whisper into my ear & having Mommy clean my ears with Q-tips after bath time; listening to music and singing and bouncing along; and of course eating absolutely anything and everything that is put in front of me. :-)
Favorite toy: Scout
Current dislikes: I am starting to understand the word "No" and I am not liking it too much. ;-) Oh...and Mommy put my hair into pigtails for the first time today. I didn't like it while she was fixing my hair but I did leave my pigtails in for the rest of the day.
In other news: I still have 8 teeth but am drooling a lot again. I love to eat and try new foods!

Here are some pictures from today. Mommy decided not to use the "month paper" because she knew it would end up ripped or in my mouth. ha ha!

"What's for dinner?"

"Mmm! Pasta!"

Mommy thought that I looked like Pippi Longstocking.
She was singing the song to me all day (in English & in German)
I tried using a bowl for the first time today!
"Hi Mommy!"

There's my pal Scout

I love my chair and pigtails!
Here I am in my little tailgating chair from Steve and Judi. I literally sat in it for 30 minutes and was just swinging my little legs and was babbling along to the music.