Monday, August 8, 2011

Pizza! Pizza!

We all know that Mommy loves her bread maker and makes delicious pepperoni bread and pizza. Friday night was "Pizza Night" and Mommy decided that it was time for me to try my very own pizza (dough and sauce). Here is a picture of my personal pizza:
 And drum roll please!!! Mommy tried a teeny tiny bite of cheese! She thought the "crispy cheese" looked good and tried some! Woah! (It was "Okay")
"Hmm...what is this?"

"Let me try a bite."

"Oh yeah! This stuff is yummy!"

"More please!"
 I really enjoyed my pizza and ate the entire thing! I am also really enjoying my toy box and pulling myself up to see what's inside:
 My current favorite toy is "Scout". Mommy and Daddy got a Scout puppy for Kai and a Violet puppy for of course I had to have one too. ;-) He's really cool though because he knows my name, favorite color (purple), favorite animal (dog), and favorite food (sweet potatoes). He sings lots of songs and lullabies. *Mommy will post a video soon of me playing with him*
Hugs for Scout

Just hanging out.

Scout makes me smile!

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