Sunday, August 14, 2011

Music Makes Me Happy!

Mommy has recently found the joy of Pandora Todder Tunes on her I-touch. I love listening to the music and putting the I-touch up to my ear (and of course in my mouth!):
I also try to "sing along":
My Pal Scout also plays lots of music. I like to keep pushing the button unil I find the right one:
I like to use my stacking toys as instruments. Mommy also bought me a mini maraca that I like to shake:
And of course some pictures from this past week to complete the blog. :-)
Last week Mommy went to visit her friend Elaine. They "swapped kids" and Mommy took Ava and Drew to see Harry Potter and I spent the afternoon with Elaine.
Here I am with Ava and Drew

Elaine and I took a walk and I got to see the geese.

Hey Scout! (and check out my snazzy outfit!)

Cute shoes! (that I actually leave on!)

I love Scout!
Hello!! Close up!!
Happy Baby!

Helping Mommy and Daddy clip coupons after bath time.

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