Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School!

Today was the dreaded "back to school" day for Mommy and Daddy. Teacher workdays started today and I officially went back to daycare. Once again, I was okay (a little bit clingy with Ms. Angie but still good) but poor Mommy was a mess again. Instead of crying three times (like the first day she went back to work) she only cried twice. ;-) Oh, Mommy. For that reason I was extra snuggly with her when she got home and I was all smiles! She doesn't even have the hard part of dropping me off at daycare...that's Daddy's job again this year (and today he even picked me up).
Hanging out at 6 in the morning!
I decided to unpack my diaper bag.

Self portrait with Mommy before she left for work.

Soooo happy to see Mommy and Daddy!!!

Crosby got some loving too!

Me and my Daddy!
Oh, and daycare sure did make me tired. I didn't even fight the crib when Mommy laid me down (she did hold me for a long time though because she just didn't want to put me down). :-) One more day and it's the weekend again! Yay!

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