Wednesday, August 3, 2011

10 Months Old!

I am 10 months old today! Wow! Time is flying!
Current likes: swimming (see video below), crawling all over the place and pullling myself up, trying new table foods, playing with my toys, remote controls (I have actually DVRed some shows on accident, including Jeopardy...ha! ha!) and Sidney and Crosby (even though they don't always like me)
Current dislikes: bedtime (I fall asleep on Mommy but I just don't like it when she puts me in that crib!)
Favorite Toys/Games: My Memory Game (the pieces are made out of fabric and I love to chew on them), puzzles (I take out all of the pieces and chew on them too!), Scout, and remotes....oh! and of course, chasing Sidney and Crosby
Favorite Foods: I love my veggies! I also enjoy trying different table foods. I really enjoyed pasta and today I tried little pieces of chicken. In other food news, I am almost strictly on formula now...but only for about two more months and then I can try whole milk.
In other news: I have eight teeth now, I am crawling all over the place and pulling myself up (I even get daring and only hold on with one hand or sometimes I let go completely...but right now I still fall down very quickly)

Pictures from today (and yesterday at the pool):

Here is a video of me in the baby pool playing with Katelyn. All of my daycare friends like to push me around (but I can also walk on my own in the water when I want to):

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  1. Wow! They are getting so big! I'm glad she is eating real food... I can't get Alaina off of baby food; she is such a picky eater! Ayla is such a cutie! :-)