Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Giggle! Giggle!

Apparently holding Daddy's new Madden game and dropping it and having Mommy say "Boom!" is hilarious. See the video below. :-)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Play Date with Trey

This is Trey:
 Mommy and Courtney decided to finally set up a play date for the two of us. They kept talking about it but it never happened. ;-) It was a lot of fun and we need to do it more often!
Hanging out with Trey

Oooh! These stacking toys are so interesting!

I went to check out the music that was playing.
Trey is thinking "Hmm...pretty soon I'll be able to stand
like that too!"
Hello! Close up!

Me and Trey

"Get that camera out of our faces, Mommy" :-)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Commercial Star

Mommy and the Kindergarte team had to create a "commercial" for their school. They came up with an idea that incorporated all of their children so I got to "star in a commercial". :-) Here are some pictures from the photo shoot and the final product.
Sitting in front of the Barnette Logo

We spelled out Barnette

"Mommy, what are you doing to me?"

Me and my new friends Lilly and Alyssa

Me and Lilly
Here is the "commercial" that Mommy and the Kindergarten Team made for school:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School!

Today was the dreaded "back to school" day for Mommy and Daddy. Teacher workdays started today and I officially went back to daycare. Once again, I was okay (a little bit clingy with Ms. Angie but still good) but poor Mommy was a mess again. Instead of crying three times (like the first day she went back to work) she only cried twice. ;-) Oh, Mommy. For that reason I was extra snuggly with her when she got home and I was all smiles! She doesn't even have the hard part of dropping me off at daycare...that's Daddy's job again this year (and today he even picked me up).
Hanging out at 6 in the morning!
I decided to unpack my diaper bag.

Self portrait with Mommy before she left for work.

Soooo happy to see Mommy and Daddy!!!

Crosby got some loving too!

Me and my Daddy!
Oh, and daycare sure did make me tired. I didn't even fight the crib when Mommy laid me down (she did hold me for a long time though because she just didn't want to put me down). :-) One more day and it's the weekend again! Yay!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Music Makes Me Happy!

Mommy has recently found the joy of Pandora Todder Tunes on her I-touch. I love listening to the music and putting the I-touch up to my ear (and of course in my mouth!):
I also try to "sing along":
My Pal Scout also plays lots of music. I like to keep pushing the button unil I find the right one:
I like to use my stacking toys as instruments. Mommy also bought me a mini maraca that I like to shake:
And of course some pictures from this past week to complete the blog. :-)
Last week Mommy went to visit her friend Elaine. They "swapped kids" and Mommy took Ava and Drew to see Harry Potter and I spent the afternoon with Elaine.
Here I am with Ava and Drew

Elaine and I took a walk and I got to see the geese.

Hey Scout! (and check out my snazzy outfit!)

Cute shoes! (that I actually leave on!)

I love Scout!
Hello!! Close up!!
Happy Baby!

Helping Mommy and Daddy clip coupons after bath time.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pizza! Pizza!

We all know that Mommy loves her bread maker and makes delicious pepperoni bread and pizza. Friday night was "Pizza Night" and Mommy decided that it was time for me to try my very own pizza (dough and sauce). Here is a picture of my personal pizza:
 And drum roll please!!! Mommy tried a teeny tiny bite of cheese! She thought the "crispy cheese" looked good and tried some! Woah! (It was "Okay")
"Hmm...what is this?"

"Let me try a bite."

"Oh yeah! This stuff is yummy!"

"More please!"
 I really enjoyed my pizza and ate the entire thing! I am also really enjoying my toy box and pulling myself up to see what's inside:
 My current favorite toy is "Scout". Mommy and Daddy got a Scout puppy for Kai and a Violet puppy for of course I had to have one too. ;-) He's really cool though because he knows my name, favorite color (purple), favorite animal (dog), and favorite food (sweet potatoes). He sings lots of songs and lullabies. *Mommy will post a video soon of me playing with him*
Hugs for Scout

Just hanging out.

Scout makes me smile!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Toy Box Fun!

Yesterday I received my first birthday present in the mail...yes, I know it's not until October. :-) Nana got me this awesome toy box. Mommy and Daddy put it together last night while I was sleeping and this morning I got to explore it.
Umm..Mommy, what are you doing to me?

Where am I?

Oh wait! There's my pal Scout!


What's in here?

Toys! Toys! Toys!

Which one do I want?

Found one!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

10 Months Old!

I am 10 months old today! Wow! Time is flying!
Current likes: swimming (see video below), crawling all over the place and pullling myself up, trying new table foods, playing with my toys, remote controls (I have actually DVRed some shows on accident, including Jeopardy...ha! ha!) and Sidney and Crosby (even though they don't always like me)
Current dislikes: bedtime (I fall asleep on Mommy but I just don't like it when she puts me in that crib!)
Favorite Toys/Games: My Memory Game (the pieces are made out of fabric and I love to chew on them), puzzles (I take out all of the pieces and chew on them too!), Scout, and remotes....oh! and of course, chasing Sidney and Crosby
Favorite Foods: I love my veggies! I also enjoy trying different table foods. I really enjoyed pasta and today I tried little pieces of chicken. In other food news, I am almost strictly on formula now...but only for about two more months and then I can try whole milk.
In other news: I have eight teeth now, I am crawling all over the place and pulling myself up (I even get daring and only hold on with one hand or sometimes I let go completely...but right now I still fall down very quickly)

Pictures from today (and yesterday at the pool):

Here is a video of me in the baby pool playing with Katelyn. All of my daycare friends like to push me around (but I can also walk on my own in the water when I want to):