Sunday, July 31, 2011

Locked Out!!!

 Mommy and Daddy had to put up a baby gate to keep me out if the kitchen. Daddy and Otto put it up today while Mommy and Michele put together my new toy. Here are some fun videos from today:

I like to chase Sidney and Crosby. Crosby will sometimes let me pet her. Here is a video of one of my attempts:
I have been pulling myself up on furniture lately. My favorite is the couch and I like to see what's up there. :)
As you can see, I am very mobile now. Therefore Mommy and Daddy put up this long gate to keep me out of the kitchen. I haven't been too amused by it!

Here are some fun pictures from today and the past couple of days:
Hmm...let's see what's in Mommy's Purse

Hi! I'm going to see Daddy! :-)

Can I twist and stand at the same time?

Oh! There is that dreaded baby gate!
 I got this toy from Ms. Angie for Christmas but I was too small to use it then. Mommy and Michele put it together today. I can ride on it and it also folds up to become a walker. I'll be using that very soon!
How do I move this thing?

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