Sunday, July 3, 2011

9 Months Old

I am 9 months old today...and had a very busy day. Mommy, Daddy, Sidney and I drove up to Pennsylvania today. We are leaving for Germany on Wednesday and are spending some time with Grammy and Pappy before we leave. We will see Oma and Opa on that LONG plane ride and will spend time with them in Germany.

Current likes: crawling (especially trying to get to places where I am not supposed to the kitchen floor!), trying to feed myself, putting anything and everything in my mouth, swimming, chasing Sidney and Crosby (they always run away!) and "Story time" at the library.

Current dislikes: My crib. I have been going to bed on time but waking up at around 11:00 every night just crying and crying and crying.....I also don't like my car seat right now. However, I did a good job on the trip up to PA today so maybe it's not too bad after all. I slept a lot, cried a little and ate lots of Mum Mum crackers (oh yeah, I like those too!)

New foods: I've been eating some table foods such as pancakes, bread, potatoes, and bananas. I will continue to try more and more. Yum!

In other news: I am up to 6 teeth now. Four on the top and two on the bottom.
Here I am on the car ride up today:
Reading...I mean eating my book. ;-)
Playing with Pappy's phone... is so interesting!
Hi Lexi! Yay! A dog who doesn't run away when I try to pet her!
Reading...not eating my book. :-)
9 Months Old Today!
My, how time flies!

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