Sunday, July 31, 2011

Locked Out!!!

 Mommy and Daddy had to put up a baby gate to keep me out if the kitchen. Daddy and Otto put it up today while Mommy and Michele put together my new toy. Here are some fun videos from today:

I like to chase Sidney and Crosby. Crosby will sometimes let me pet her. Here is a video of one of my attempts:
I have been pulling myself up on furniture lately. My favorite is the couch and I like to see what's up there. :)
As you can see, I am very mobile now. Therefore Mommy and Daddy put up this long gate to keep me out of the kitchen. I haven't been too amused by it!

Here are some fun pictures from today and the past couple of days:
Hmm...let's see what's in Mommy's Purse

Hi! I'm going to see Daddy! :-)

Can I twist and stand at the same time?

Oh! There is that dreaded baby gate!
 I got this toy from Ms. Angie for Christmas but I was too small to use it then. Mommy and Michele put it together today. I can ride on it and it also folds up to become a walker. I'll be using that very soon!
How do I move this thing?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mallory's Birthday

This past weekend we went to Maryland to celebrate my cousin Mallory's first birthday. We enjoyed seeing lots of family and friends and I really liked playing with all of the new toys that Mallory got! :-) Here are some pictures from her birthday party:
Mallory's reaction to trying her birthday cake. :-)

Yummy cake!
Mallory playing with her new toys.
I stayed in my first hotel room with Mommy and Daddy. The super big bed was lots of fun to bounce on! :-)
"Let's check out the bottom of this excersaucer. ;-)"

Toys! Toys! Toys!

Mommy and me

Hanging out with Nana and snuggling on my Great Aunt Kathy.

This was my favorite toy!
My birthday is in October....hint hint. :-)

The hotel room had lots of room to crawl!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

French Fries & Friends

Today was a fun day....I tried French Fries for the first time and I got to hang out with some friends. Mommy and Daddy wanted to wait for the "perfect french fry" for me to try and decided that it would be a Primanti Brothers fry. It was yummy!! We also went to visit the Morris' today and I got to play with Faith and Charlie. Here are some pictures of our day:
Opening wide to taste my first french fry!
Mmm...this is good!
Charlie, Faith and me.

Silly Charlie. :-)

I enjoyed playing with all of their toys.

Playing with Faith

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am very blessed to have 3 great grandparents. Nana is here in America and I have my Uropa and Uroma in Germany. Here are some family pictures that we took while were there. My Uropa has unfortunately been in the hospital for several weeks now so we missed having him at home. We did take several trips to the hospital though so that we could spend time with him.
My Uropa and I

Oma, Uropa, and I.

Mommy, Uropa and I.

4 Generations

My Uropa was another person that I went to right away.
We had an instant bond. Here I am lovingly gazing at him.

4 Generations

4 Generations with Aunt Michelle and Kai

Oma and Opa with their kids and grandkids.
I love and miss them all very much and cannot wait until next year when we can all be together again!

Germany Pictures #2

We all know that Mommy loves to take here are more randoms from our Germany trip...
Jana and I playing. She is my second cousin and exactly
one week older than me.

The 3 great grandchildren playing outside.

Yummy German rolls. I loved these things!!!

Naptime on my Uroma and Uropa's bed.

Having a great time playing....

....until my wagon ride. I didn't enjoy it very much. :-)

Kai on the other hand loved it!!!

Opa and his two grandkids.

Kai and I with our Oma and Opa.

In Bitburg at a fountain.

Daddy with Kai and me.

Bathtime with Kai. I didn't really like the new tub. :-(

Baby Swap.

Wedding #2

Normally this blog is all about me. ;-) However, I felt the need to add some pictures that didn't have me in them because I have to show off my beautiful Aunt Michelle and my dashing Uncle Guenni and share some pictures of their wedding day. They had their church ceremony on Saturday, July 16, 2011. The mass was beautiful with lots of music and singing. Mommy was up front with Aunt Michelle and Uncle Guenni so Daddy was in charge of me during the ceremony. We made it for about half of the ceremony and then I got very "talkative" (not crying though) so Daddy took me outside and we walked around for a bit. There were already two other babies outside when we got there and then one more came out to join us as well.
The stunningly beautiful bride!
Mr. and Mrs. Hoffmann!
After the ceremony, everyone gathered outside. There were some fun games that the bride and groom had to play and then we headed to the reception hall. However, we did not get their by normal transportation. Actually, yes, I did because I had to be safe in my car seat. Mommy and Daddy went in this awesome tractor and wagon. Uncle Guenni's boss surprised them with it and yes, they actually sat on that orange couch for a bit until it got too windy.
Even better than a horse drawn carriage. :-)

Mommy and Daddy on the wagon ride.
I sometimes get a little hesitent when meeting new people and I sure did a lot of that this trip. However, I had an instant bond with Uncle Guenni's brother, Manni. He took me during the reception and fed me my squash and sweet potatoes. Yum!
Manni, me, and his daugther Anne.
Manni's son, David, and me.
My Uroma and I
Kai and I were supposed to go to sleep in the pack and play that was set up in a room upstairs. Instead, we played and wrestled for a bit. See the previous post for an entertaining video!
Kai eventually gave in and went to bed. I however, refused to sleep for a long time. When I finally did fall asleep, I was only upstairs for about an hour and then woke up crying again. So that I wouldn't wake up Kai, Mommy took me back downstairs. I had a great time snuggling with lots of different people.
My Great Great Aunt Rita and I
I even got to snuggle with the bride!
It was an awesome day!!