Friday, June 17, 2011

Yoga, anyone?

Soooo it's Summer Break and I am having a great time staying home with Mommy and Daddy. I've been working on my crawling skills a lot. Yesterday Mommy and Daddy played "Monkey in the Middle" with me and I kept going back and forth between them trying to get my rattle. :-)

I still get a little confused from time to time on how to crawl. Do I use my knees or just stand up on my feet? Mommy thinks it looks like I am doing Yoga. Yoga, anyone? I sure do love being able to move around on my own!

Daddy captured this picture of me:

Mommy loves being home with me but also needs to get some stuff done around the house sometime (like cooking). Since I am now pretty mobile, she puts me in the pack and play. Hello?!? Can you get me out of here please? :-)

I actually do enjoy it though and will play contently for quite a while.....especially when all of my cool toys are in there.

Another picture??? Today Mommy and I went to a Goodbye Party for Leah. Yes, another good friend is moving away. Leah and Bryce are moving back home to Pennsylvania to be closer to family. We will miss them lots. They too came to visit me on the day that I was born.

Here are some pictures from the party tonight. Jill was the awesome hostess:

I was quite entertained by Kara's phone. Thank you!!!

Leah and I

Mommy, Leah, and me

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