Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who is the cutest baby of all?
Me, of course...and here are some new pictures to prove it. He! He! ;-)
Mommy was having fun playing with her camera.
Silly me!
Ms. Independent...eating pancakes.
I also tried banana pieces this week.

Crazy hair after bath time. :-)
We went to the Otto's to hang out.
 Here I am with Michele, learning how to bang my spoon.
Hanging out with the guys!
Mommy was having fun with the camera again.
Ohh! Swinging can be fun...
...Especially in this super cool car swing!
Beep! Beep!
Here I am swinging at the playground in our neighborhood. I enjoyed it a lot more this time than I did a couple of months ago at Jetton Park. Maybe it's the cool car swing. ;-)

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