Monday, June 6, 2011

Latta Plantation & Other Fun

Here are some pictures of when my Great Uncle Klaus-Dieter was here to visit. He left this morning but we enjoyed our weekend with him. We went out to eat twice and went to Latta Plantation for a nice walk. Here are some pictures of this past weekend.
Kisses from Sidney? Yes, please!!: Oma and Opa sent this awesome beach basket filled with toys with Great Uncle Klaus-Dieter. I had fun exploring what was in it:

I can pull myself up onto my knees now (the crib mattress has been lowered). Here I am checking out the exersaucer from the other side. :-)

Great Uncle Klaus-Dieter brought me this super cool stuffed bunny. Check out the shirt it's wearing! He also made T-shirts for Mommy and Daddy with MY picture on it. Pictures of those to come soon!

Mmmm....let me see what those ears taste like!

Oma and Opa also sent along these bibs that are plastic and have a little pocket on the bottom to catch all of my mess when I eat.

Yup....let's try the bib too. Mommy thinks there is some major teething going on. There are two small white spots on the top gum again. I hope they poke through soon!!!

Here I am in my fancy dress and bow:

So pretty! Mommy and I at Latta Plantation:

Here we are again after I woke up from my nap:

I even put my feet in the water. I really liked digging my toes in the sand.

It was such a nice day yesterday that Mommy took my Ducky bathtub outside and let me splash around for a bit:

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