Friday, June 3, 2011

8 Months Old

I am 8 months old today! Once again, I tried eating the paper and the photo shoot was over very quickly (even with the camera that takes pictures super fast!) Current likes: Bath time....yes, I finally realized it could be fun! Eating, going swimming, Sweet Potato puffs, trying to crawl.
Current dislikes: bedtime (well, the actual going to sleep part after Mommy puts me in the crib. She's been having me "cry it out")
New foods: banana and sweet potato puffs and today I tried a jar of baby food that was mixed veggies, risotto and cheese....yes, I liked it and Daddy was so happy that I liked something that has cheese in it. :-)
In other news: No new teeth yet...just lots of drooling. My Great Uncle Klaus Dieter is here visiting until Monday.

Here are some pictures from the past couple of days.
Trying to crawl. Check out my super cool bandana!
Kisses from Mommy in the pool:

Swimming in the big pool with Daddy:

"No more pictures, please."

My frog towel that Mommy bought me for when I get out of the pool:

Trying out my sippy cup (filled with water) from Grammy and Pappy:

Here is a video that Mommy took a couple of weeks ago at Daycare. I have this cool swing/bouncer that I love to play in.

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