Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sun Bathing Beauties

Reporting back....again! :-) We had another exciting adventure today....we both went swimming for the first time today! We used to the double stroller to walk to the pool: Aunt Mica and Mallory get ready for the pool:

My first dip (Thanks for capturing the pictures Kara and Leah!). "Umm...not so sure about this yet." *I ended up liking it for the most part. The bottom of the pool was a little rough so I didn't like it when Mommy had me stand up. We'll take the pool float next time.

Mallory's first dip in the pool. She was ready to swim!:

My Mommy and me: They had these awesome chairs by the pool:

Aunt Mica and Mallory:

Mallory lounging by the pool:

Two sun bathing (well, we were in the shade) beauties:

Phew! Swimming made us tired...I couldn't even hold my head up!

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