Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PJ Twins

Tonight Mallory and I were "PJ Twins". Mommy gave us both a bath and then put the same PJs on us...same size and all. (yes, I am wearing 9 months clothes now and I am not even 8 months yet). ;-) She decided to crop her face out of the picture because she just didn't like the way she looked. Oh, Mommy! Mallory and I weren't feeling the photo shoot either. She's lucky enough that she can move away from the camera. I am still working on that whole crawling thing. Soon enough, soon enough!

Well, that's about the best picture we could get:

Here I am earlier this week. Can you see how ready I am to start crawling?

More pictures from the past couple of days:

Mallory has been enjoying trying lots of new foods. Yum! Yum!

I was very stylish in my flower headband from Grammy and Pappy:

Seriously, check out those kissable cheeks! :-)

We've been sharing the walker:

Shopping and eating at Birkdale made us tired!

Here we are in the Pack and Play.

Stay tuned for more pictures. Uncle Dave set up the baby pool in our backyard, Grammy has been taking us for walks in the double stroller, and Aunt Mica and Pappy are coming on Friday! Yay! Oh the photo opportunities.....

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