Saturday, May 28, 2011

Double Trouble

Another update. These are all pictures that have both Mallory and I in them. We are "Double Trouble" :-) No....we are two good little girls and have really been enjoying each other's company. Pappy, Aunt Mica and Scott are here now too. Today we enjoyed some snuggle time on the couch, two walks in the double stroller, and we went to Michael Waltrip's race shop.
Pappy and his girls: I enjoyed a book with Pappy and Mallory snuggled with her Mommy. Oh was she happy!

Pack and Play time!:

Grammy took us for a nice long walk....

....and then Pappy took us for one too!

My, oh, made us both so sleepy:

*By the way, yes we have on matching outfits. The shirts say "Grandpa's Favorite" :-) Pappy and Grammy and their girls:

Hanging out with Pappy on the couch:

Pappy tried out a Nascar driver's seat. We both joined him:

Daddy, Uncle Dave, Mallory and I got our picture taken in front of a Nascar:

What a fun and eventful day!

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