Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Camera Fun!

As mentioned in the previous post, Mommy loved Jen's camera so much that she now has a fancy camera too. Oh if she didn't take enough pictures already! ;-)
I am really enjoying those you think I can shove the whole thing in my mouth? I sure was trying. On Friday the 13th (I should have known it was a bad day) Mommy had to leave work to come pick me up from daycare. I was running a fever. We seem to think that it was due to teething, but we aren't quite sure. Here is my pacifier that took my temperature:

I am not crawling yet but I sure am a scooter. Right now the only direction that I can go is backwards. I tried to scoot all the way under my crib:
I'm still trying to get Sidney to play with me:
This new camera is so quick that Mommy was even able to capture my yawn:
It also has lots of fun settings. Check out the same picture in 3 different ones.

The original:

Picture outline:

Black and white:

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