Wednesday, May 4, 2011

7 Months Old (yesterday)

I turned 7 months old yesterday! Sorry about the delay in the blog post....I once again decided that I didn't really want to stay in my crib (even though I went to bed around 8:00). I was then up every hour or so until 11:00 and then I won the bed battle and Mommy and I went to the guest room. I'm a little spoiled at the moment. ;-)

Current likes: Sidney (I try to grab her tail all of the time and play with her....she's not too sure about it yet), eating, playing in the exersaucer, grabbing any toy that I can, going for walks, and snuggling with Mommy in the guest bed. He! He! Current dislikes: my crib and bedtime in general and bath time. New foods: Not too many since my last update. Apples and Blackberries, Oatmeal with cinnamon, Rice cereal with mangos, and I ate my first cracker (Ritz) In other news: I am starting to scoot backwards when I am on my stomach (crawling is right around the corner) and tooth #3 is poking through (on the top).

It's getting harder to capture the monthly pictures because I am way to interested in the paper to sit still for a picture. Here is our attempt: As mentioned above, bath time is a current dislike. It has been for a while now. Mommy got out my fun bath tub from Aunt Mica and Uncle Dave. It blows up and even quacks. Should have been lots of fun, right?

Here I am still okay. This was right before my bath:

Oh my! This is my "bath time face". Yes, I cry the entire time until Mommy takes me out.

Here I am with my friend Sidney. Like I said, she is still a little hesitent to come close and play.

My hair is getting longer and I still have my baby blues.

Oh yeah....not only am I a princess (see previous post) but I am also a rock star! The sunglasses are a little big on me but they were only a dollar. Therefore, Mommy had to buy them. :-)

Here is some video fun. The first one is of me playing with my cube from Aunt Michelle. It talks (in German) and plays songs. I was very interested in it and got a little bit excited...maybe a little too excited because I lost my balance. Oops! The second video is of me enjoying my first cracker. Yum! Yum!


  1. Haha... Alaina has the same duck tub! She loves bath time and doesn't cry in the tub but when we take her out. :-)

  2. Too precious!! Love her beautiful eyes :-)