Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sun Bathing Beauties

Reporting back....again! :-) We had another exciting adventure today....we both went swimming for the first time today! We used to the double stroller to walk to the pool: Aunt Mica and Mallory get ready for the pool:

My first dip (Thanks for capturing the pictures Kara and Leah!). "Umm...not so sure about this yet." *I ended up liking it for the most part. The bottom of the pool was a little rough so I didn't like it when Mommy had me stand up. We'll take the pool float next time.

Mallory's first dip in the pool. She was ready to swim!:

My Mommy and me: They had these awesome chairs by the pool:

Aunt Mica and Mallory:

Mallory lounging by the pool:

Two sun bathing (well, we were in the shade) beauties:

Phew! Swimming made us tired...I couldn't even hold my head up!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Double Trouble

Another update. These are all pictures that have both Mallory and I in them. We are "Double Trouble" :-) No....we are two good little girls and have really been enjoying each other's company. Pappy, Aunt Mica and Scott are here now too. Today we enjoyed some snuggle time on the couch, two walks in the double stroller, and we went to Michael Waltrip's race shop.
Pappy and his girls: I enjoyed a book with Pappy and Mallory snuggled with her Mommy. Oh was she happy!

Pack and Play time!:

Grammy took us for a nice long walk....

....and then Pappy took us for one too!

My, oh, made us both so sleepy:

*By the way, yes we have on matching outfits. The shirts say "Grandpa's Favorite" :-) Pappy and Grammy and their girls:

Hanging out with Pappy on the couch:

Pappy tried out a Nascar driver's seat. We both joined him:

Daddy, Uncle Dave, Mallory and I got our picture taken in front of a Nascar:

What a fun and eventful day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PJ Twins

Tonight Mallory and I were "PJ Twins". Mommy gave us both a bath and then put the same PJs on us...same size and all. (yes, I am wearing 9 months clothes now and I am not even 8 months yet). ;-) She decided to crop her face out of the picture because she just didn't like the way she looked. Oh, Mommy! Mallory and I weren't feeling the photo shoot either. She's lucky enough that she can move away from the camera. I am still working on that whole crawling thing. Soon enough, soon enough!

Well, that's about the best picture we could get:

Here I am earlier this week. Can you see how ready I am to start crawling?

More pictures from the past couple of days:

Mallory has been enjoying trying lots of new foods. Yum! Yum!

I was very stylish in my flower headband from Grammy and Pappy:

Seriously, check out those kissable cheeks! :-)

We've been sharing the walker:

Shopping and eating at Birkdale made us tired!

Here we are in the Pack and Play.

Stay tuned for more pictures. Uncle Dave set up the baby pool in our backyard, Grammy has been taking us for walks in the double stroller, and Aunt Mica and Pappy are coming on Friday! Yay! Oh the photo opportunities.....

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cousin Mallory

This is my cousin Mallory. She is visiting for 10 days! Grammy and Uncle Dave are here too and Pappy and Aunt Mica will come next weekend. We already had lots of fun playing together today.This is us playing in my room: We practiced sharing:

"Hey! I think that's my pacifier.": "This book is great!":

Here we are just hanging out in the living room:

"Let's share again.":

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Camera Fun!

As mentioned in the previous post, Mommy loved Jen's camera so much that she now has a fancy camera too. Oh if she didn't take enough pictures already! ;-)
I am really enjoying those you think I can shove the whole thing in my mouth? I sure was trying. On Friday the 13th (I should have known it was a bad day) Mommy had to leave work to come pick me up from daycare. I was running a fever. We seem to think that it was due to teething, but we aren't quite sure. Here is my pacifier that took my temperature:

I am not crawling yet but I sure am a scooter. Right now the only direction that I can go is backwards. I tried to scoot all the way under my crib:
I'm still trying to get Sidney to play with me:
This new camera is so quick that Mommy was even able to capture my yawn:
It also has lots of fun settings. Check out the same picture in 3 different ones.

The original:

Picture outline:

Black and white:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pictures by Jen

Our wonderful friend and neighbor, Jen, recently got a new fancy camera. I've been one of her models so that she can practice using her new camera. Mommy liked it so much that we now have a new one too. She'll post some of those pictures soon but here are just some of the awesome pictures that Jen took. Thank you!!!

The Harbin family:
I love my Mommy:

Oh so sleepy!:

Deep in thought:

My Mommy and me:

Enjoying a walk:

My silly grin: