Sunday, April 3, 2011

6 Months Old!

6 months old today! Wow! Mommy cannot believe it. Time is going too fast! Current likes: playing in the exercauser, my pacifier, hanging out in the swing, eating, going for walks Current dislikes: bath time Foods I have tried so far: Rice cereal (yum!), carrots (tasting good now!), peas (still yucky!), sweet potatoes (still delicious!), squash (yum! yum!), green beans (no way!), apples (taste good!), oatmeal (pretty tasty!), bananas (very good!), peaches (delicious!), and today Daddy bought me apples & plums (very good!) In other news: My one tooth is growing in nicely. Mommy thinks the next one is on it's way. There is a new white spot on my bottom gum next to my first tooth. I wasn't too cooperative with today's "6 month photo shoot". I kept trying to eat the paper again. ;-) Photo shoot.....OVER!
Here are some fun pictures from today and the last couple of days. Check out those eyelashes:
Another snooze on Daddy:
Enjoying the sunshine with Mommy:
Silly smile:
Close up:
Blue Jeans Baby:
Here I am making silly noises after eating my oatmeal:
Here I am trying to eat the "6 Months Old" paper:

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  1. Look at those eyes!!!! Oh my, she's just beautiful, Nicole! :)