Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Royal Wedding Day

Since today was the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate, we got into the spirit of it. Mommy bought me a tiara for the occasion. :-) Here are some pictures of me wearing it. I must have really liked it because I didn't even try to take it off!
This is my paparazzi face...another picture while I am playing?
Looking serious:

Ok...ok...I'll give you a smile (I do love my tiara)!:

Hmmm...I could get used to this princess thing. ;-)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Mommy, Daddy, and I enjoyed a nice quiet day just hanging out and relaxing. I got to Skype with Grammy, Pappy, Nana, Aunt Michelle, and Oma. :-) Here is a picture from a couple of days ago that shows of my two bottom teeth nicely. I think that there are more coming in because I have been drooling like crazy and giving Mommy and Daddy a run for their money at bedtime.

Also, everything that I can get my hands on goes in my mouth. Daddy gave me a coke can and took some pictures to be silly. Don't worry, it wasn't open and I didn't drink any. :-)

Tummy time. I'm not crawling yet, but I do scoot backwards now.

The other day I was hanging out in the Bumbo and decided to take both of my socks off.Here I am ready for summer in my cool at and sandals:

Here I am ready for Summer in my bathing suit from Steve and Judy. They got me the hat, bathing suit, cover up, sandals and chair. Thank you!

My onesie says "Future Twilight Fan". Thanks Tara! I'll be reading those books by the pool this summer in my awesome bathing suit. ;-)

You may have noticed a scratch on my forehead in some of these pictures. Here is the story:

As mentioned above, I have been giving Mommy and Daddy a run for their money at bedtime (I am actually up crying as Mommy is typing this at 9:55). On Friday night, Mommy decided to try the "cry it out" method. Well, at 2 a.m when my powerful set of lungs were still going strong, Mommy caved and took me into the guest room with her. I slept in the Boppy pillow next to her and at 4 a.m woke up screaming again. While trying to put the pacifier in my mouth in the dark, Mommy accidently scratched my forehead. She felt awful (but I forgave her very quickly). Let's just say that I am in "Spring Break Mode" and have decided that my bedtime is no longer at 7:00. Oh, I hope I do better once we are back into a routine. It's back to the "real world" tomorrow because Spring Break is over. :-(

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Visiting Grammy & Pappy

On Monday we headed out to visit Grammy and Pappy. Grammy knew that we were coming, but we surprised Pappy at work...he sure was surprised!! I got to hang out with him in his office for a little while. "Watch out, there's a new chief in town!": Here we are reading "Officer Buckle and Gloria":

Next we went to surprise Nana. She sure was happy to see us:

The next stop was to see Grammy at work. She then took the rest of the day off so she could spend it with me:

Here is a picture of me that Daddy took of me in the swing:

Here you can see the onesie that Mommy and Daddy made (with the help of Tabitha...thanks!) that has the police logo on it. I wore it when I surprised Pappy at work:

I snuggled on the couch with Pappy when he got home and I loved playing with his phone:

Today Daddy, Mommy, Grammy and I went to the mall to get my picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Mommy took a picture of the picture, so it's not the best quality, but you can still see it. Oh, and I didn't even cry:

Today we also went to see Daddy's friend Jason (who he calls Morris) and his family. Their daughter Charlie is 4 months older than me:

Daddy and Morris met in Kindergarten and stayed friends throughout school and even went to the same college together. Charlie and I are going to be future Edinboro roommates. ;-)

Thanks for all the snuggle time. I love you very much and will miss you lots!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Visiting Oma & Opa

We finally ventured out on our first long trip to Pennsylvania! Mommy, Daddy, and I left on Friday after school and arrived at Oma and Opa's around 11:30. I was an AWESOME traveler and slept the entire time! Once we arrived, I was in the best mood and enjoyed some snuggle time with Oma on the couch (Opa unfortunately had to work). Here are some pictures from my visit. Snuggling with Oma when I arrived: Here I am with Opa the next morning:
I got a new headband from them and there were also new toys for me to play with:
Mommy's friends from Elementary school came over and I got to meet them and Toni's daughter, Dani. We love each other! :-)
Mommy and her best friends. Now Dani and I are part of the "group" too (although she is not in this picture):
Oma and Opa had a party for me and lots of people came to visit. Here I am with Eileen:
Hanging out with Paulette and Judy:
Judy and Steve got me my own beach chair along with a bathing suit, cover up, sandals and this awesome hat!:
I played "Peek-a-boo" with Oma's scarf:
Here I am with my Great Aunt Donna and my second cousin, Dean:
Oma and Opa and me:
Thank you for a wonderful weekend! I love you very much and miss you already!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here comes Ayla Cottontail!

Here comes Ayla Cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail, hippity hoppity Easter's on it's way! Mommy and Daddy bought me these awesome bunny ears at Target today. We had a little photo shoot with them. :-)
I can sometimes sit on my own now:
Snuggling with my blanket from Michele:
Oh so silly in my high chair again!:
Watching TV with Daddy:
Hanging out with Daddy before heading off to bed:
Wearing my homemade sweater from my Uroma (Great Grandmother):

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

6 Months Stats

Am I consistent or what??? (with my percentiles) Weight - 16 lbs. 14 oz. - 75% Length - 28 in. - 95% Head - 43 cm. - 75% My doctor's appointment went well again. There were quite a few people there today so we were there for an hour and a half! I was very well behaved though and only cried twice. The first time when they layed me on that white crinkly paper...I remember where I am! The second time was when I got my shots, of course. I only cried for about a minute though and was very pleasant for the rest of the evening. What's a blog without a picture, right? Here are two of me in my blue jean overalls that Mommy took on my "6 Month Birthday":

Sunday, April 3, 2011

6 Months Old!

6 months old today! Wow! Mommy cannot believe it. Time is going too fast! Current likes: playing in the exercauser, my pacifier, hanging out in the swing, eating, going for walks Current dislikes: bath time Foods I have tried so far: Rice cereal (yum!), carrots (tasting good now!), peas (still yucky!), sweet potatoes (still delicious!), squash (yum! yum!), green beans (no way!), apples (taste good!), oatmeal (pretty tasty!), bananas (very good!), peaches (delicious!), and today Daddy bought me apples & plums (very good!) In other news: My one tooth is growing in nicely. Mommy thinks the next one is on it's way. There is a new white spot on my bottom gum next to my first tooth. I wasn't too cooperative with today's "6 month photo shoot". I kept trying to eat the paper again. ;-) Photo shoot.....OVER!
Here are some fun pictures from today and the last couple of days. Check out those eyelashes:
Another snooze on Daddy:
Enjoying the sunshine with Mommy:
Silly smile:
Close up:
Blue Jeans Baby:
Here I am making silly noises after eating my oatmeal:
Here I am trying to eat the "6 Months Old" paper: