Thursday, March 10, 2011

What a difference...

What a difference one year makes!

Here I am on March 10, 2010. My very first "picture" and the first glimpse of me that Mommy and Daddy saw. It was love at first sight!!!: March 10, 2011. I've grown a little bit! ;-) :
Zonked out after spending the evening at Mommy's school for the Science Fair:
All smiles in my bumbo. Check out those chubby cheeks!:I still have my "baby blues":
Those Brangs are awesome!!! Here I am in another fun toy that they are letting me borrow. Mmm...that microphone tastes good.:
What is this?:
Stay tuned for a video of me playing in my new toy. I'm still getting used to it and get startled sometimes when it starts playing music. :-)

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