Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snuggle Time!

Here are a few great "snuggle time" pictures. Hanging out with Daddy and my baby doll. (Everything I hold goes in my mouth!): Yesterday, Mommy was in the kitchen doing some cleaning. When she walked back into the living room, this is how she found us:
What can I say, I am learning about technology early. ;-):
Working on the computer with Daddy made me tired. I enjoyed some snuggle time with Mommy on the couch. The blanket is super big and cuddly and even has my name on it:
Then we both took a nap together. Don't worry...I was able to breathe. :-) It threw off my bed time a little bit, but Mommy could not resist some good cuddling on the couch:
I was OUT!:

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