Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A new friend

Yesterday Mommy and I went to visit her friend Emily and her two kids, Julia and Jack. We didn't get a picture of the three of us (or of Jack) because with three kids, it's hard to have us all happy at the same time. ;-) We definitely need to have more playdates though.

Julia and I meeting for the first time. I'm thinking "Nice to meet you, Julia!": Hanging out on the couch:

Mommy is in the process of getting everything together to apply for my passport so that we can go to Germany to see Aunt Michelle get married!! I am super excited and can't wait to play with Kai and Jana and of course meet all of the family and get LOTS of snuggle time. We went to get my passport picture taken today. The lady kept taking it...and I was very happy and all smiles, but then it was always too far away, or too low down, etc. So after about 5 takes, this is my picture (still cute!):

Here I am after eating my applesauce. I was very silly today and kept sticking my tongue out and blowing all of the applesauce out. He! He!

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