Saturday, March 12, 2011

Future Mighty Mustang

Today we had a photo shoot at Daddy's school. This past school year, four of his co-workers had that makes 5 "Future Mighty Mustangs" including me. Daddy's principal decided that it would be fun to get all of us together and take a picture for the yearbook.

Here we are from oldest to youngest.

Liam, Payson, Alaina, Me, and Zack: Daddy and me:

I got a little tired and cranky at the end of the photo shoot. My new friend, Payson, was checking on me to make sure that I was ok. :-)
I took a nice nap in the car and slept for 1 1/2 hours:

Here I am much happier after my nap and ready to show off my cool new shirt. Thanks to Jessica and Meredith for making them for everybody!:

I am actually starting to enjoy tummy time more:

Another self-portrait with Mommy:

Hanging out with Daddy on the couch getting ready to watch the Pens game:

In my fancy coat again:

Getting ready to go out to the Flying Saucer for a little bit with Mommy and Daddy:
Snuggling with my frog blanket:

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