Thursday, March 3, 2011

5 Months Old!

Can you believe that I am five months old today?!?
I sure do look happy about it in my picture. It's a pretty fun age because I am able to do more and more:
*I am still actively rolling over from my back to my stomach
*I still enjoy sitting in the bumbo (I now like to twist and turn in it)
*I'm trying new foods. So far I have had: Rice cereal (pretty tasty), carrots (eh! ok), peas (yucky!) and sweet potatoes (YUMMY!)
*I am making more and more sounds.
*I like to smile a lot!

Here I am....five months old today:
I can almost sit by myself now:
Check out that neck control. :-) :
Self portrait with Mommy. I sure do like to snuggle with her (and Daddy too!):
See me twisting in that bumbo? I'm saying "Sidney, get over here and play with me!":
Oh, sweet potatoes! You are so much more yummy than peas!:
Out for a walk with my "silly hat". It ties on top:
Here is a video from our walk the other day. I kept sticking my tongue out. He! He!:

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  1. She is getting interested in her doggy finally huh! They are going to be best friends :-)