Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hand Picked

Exactly one year ago today Mommy and Daddy found out that Mommy was pregnant. The story about Mommy taking the test is a pretty neat one though. February 10th, was her PapPap's birthday so Mommy decided it would be a great day to take the pregnancy test. As she waited for the results, she prayed out loud and said, "PapPap, if I'm pregnant, pick me out a good one." At that second she looked down and the test came back postive! My Great Aunt Donna saw this onesie a few weeks after hearing this story and had to buy it for me. I really think that I was "hand picked" by PapPap in heaven. :-)

I have two birthmarks. One is on my thigh and the other one is on my cheek. At the hospital, Mommy's friend Leah said that it looked like someone kissed my cheek. Mommy thought so too and decided that it's "PapPap's kiss" on my cheek. :-)

Can you see it on my cheek? This is an older picture of me. My cheeks aren't quite that chubby yet. He! He!
It has lightened up a bit, but it's still there:

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  1. What a sweet story. I took my test on December 30th (just before New Years). I'm sure there was a prayer (since there had been a lot of prayers and a lot of tests before that) and I'm certain Alaina was hand picked for us, too. :-)