Monday, February 21, 2011

Great Visit

Get ready for pictures galore! :-)

Here are some more pictures of my "Great Visit" with my Great Aunts! On Saturday we went to Jetton Park and took a nice walk by the lake:
It was the perfect weather for sleeping:
Um...not so sure about waking up:
Mommy and me:
I had to show off my leg warmers while they were here. One of the parent's in Mommy's class made them for me. I think that they are super stylish! (I also love my Daddy!):
On Sundy we went to Concord Mills to do some shopping. My Great Aunts found some good deals. Shopping sure does make you hungry though so we took a little break in the food court:
Testing out some sunglasses. Don't I look cool?:
I found my thumb!:
Here I am in an outfit that my Great Aunt Petra's daughter, Leonie, wore when she was a baby:
And in another outfit from my Great Aunt Sabine:
One last photo before we went to the airport:
We took a coffee break before we had to say goodbye:
Can I try some too? Please?!?:
So sad to say goodbye!:
We had a great visit and I love and miss you lots!!!
Here is a video of me "talking" again. I've mastered some really squeaky sounds. :-) Great Aunt Sabine, Great Aunt Ulla, and Great Aunt Petra can always watch it if they miss me!

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