Thursday, February 3, 2011

4 months old!

I'm four months old today! Time sure is flying!! Here are some of my current likes:

*Rolling over from my back to my stomach. The second Mommy lays me down I'm rolling over...I just have to learn how to roll from my stomach to my back. I get mad when I can't get back. :-)
* I'm still enjoying baths.
* Sitting in the Bumbo chair.
* Mommy and Daddy. I'm still a Mama's girl but enjoy hanging out with Daddy for longer stretches at a time. ;-)
* Being greeted by Sidney every day when I come home. I think she likes me more now too, especially when I am rolling over. Maybe I can teach her that trick. He! He!

Here are some of the pictures from my "Four Month Photo Shoot":

Mommy calls those my "Chunky Monkey Cheeks":

I forgot one of my current likes....eating! :-) So the books say that at four months old babies can begin eating solid you think that includes paper......

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  1. Get that girl some food before she eats the paper :-)