Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

This week Mommy and I received mail from Aunt Michelle, Guenni and Kai. She sent Mommy some birthday presents and I received presents too. Yay! One of my presents was a toothbrush set. It came with 3 toothbrushes: 1 for the teething stage, 1 for when my first teeth are through, and an actual little toothbrush. Here is a picture of me with the "teething" toothbrush. Yummy! My eyes are still big and blue! Mommy hopes that they stay that way.
Mommy's favorite animal is a frog so of course she had to take a picture of me wearing this frog outfit. I am quickly outgrowing it. I've also really enjoyed playing with the ball that Grammy and Pappy got me for Christmas. I can actually hold it in my hands for a few seconds. Ms. Angie also told Mommy that I was picking up toys at daycare today and was throwing them. :-)
Daddy sure is comforable to lay on:
I also just discovered that the swing has a rattle attached to the little tray. Here I am holding on tight:
The weather has been pretty chilly, but Mommy and I took a walk today:
Self portrait with Mommy:
The biggest news of all......I rolled over from my back to my stomach 3 times today!!! All of that shaking and wiggling has paid off.
"Did you see me Daddy? Did you?" :-):
Here is a video of me testing out my new toothbrush:

I'm still quite the "talker":

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