Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

What a busy day! I saw my first snow!

Mommy bundled me up in my hat and blanket to take a picture!

Then it was "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party" time! This is me way past my bedtime fighting sleep. Mommy tried to put me to bed at my regular bed time and I sure wasn't having that. I know the routine. Diaper change....sleep sack...sleep sheep turned on to the ocean sound...nursing...and bed. I used my strong set of lungs and screamed as soon as Mommy tried to feed me, but as soon as she stopped and started walking me back downstairs I stopped crying!! he! he! :-)

Bedtime score:
Ayla - 3
Mommy - 1 (I finally gave in at 12:15....yes, you read correctly. I passed my regular bedtime by 4 hours. Hey! It was a party!!!)

My buddy Carson came to the party. We tried getting some pictures taken together.
The first picture was taken after he grabbed my nose. Don't worry Carson, I forgive you!

Here is our best shot!

Family Pictures! Daddy looks a little creepy with his moustasche! :-)
He also cut all of his hair off before the party!!

Oh so happy in my party outfit!

Mommy bought a onesie at Wal-mart that said "Baby's First Christmas". She added the words "Ugly" and "Sweater Party" with white and green puff paint.

Mommy and me! :-)

Here is a group picture of almost everyone that came to our party! We hope that everyone had fun! I know that I did! ;-)

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