Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa Baby & Babycakes

This morning Mommy decided to dress me in my Santa Baby outfit from Grammy. We discovered that it is getting pretty snug and will most likely not fit on Christmas. What can I say? I'm a growing girl! :-)

Check out my model pose: Relaxing:
Hanging out on the couch. Look at how long I am getting!:
While hanging out, the doorbell rang and it was a package for me! Yay! Oma's co-workers had given her lots of nice presents for me and she sent them in the mail. One of these presents was a blanket. It's green (Mommy's favorite color) and has a little "babycake" on it. It is so snuggly!:

Here are also two videos of me. Lately, I have really been enjoying getting my diaper changed. I LOVE to kick my legs when I have that freedom. Another thing I like to do is try to stick my whole hand in my mouth. This was also caught on video by Mommy. :-) Enjoy!

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