Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve! This was the first year that Mommy and Daddy didn't make the trip back up to Pennsylvania to celebrate Christmas with Oma and Opa and Grammy and Pappy. It was hard not spending the holidays with them but we are also starting our own traditions. It was also too risky driving up in the winter weather and who knows how I would have done on such a long trip. :-) Here are some pictures from our evening:

Mommy and I in front of the Christmas tree:

Daddy and Sidney in the Christmas spirit:

We skyped with Oma & Opa and Grammy, Pappy and Nana. I'm getting good at this whole skype thing!

Opening Presents!!

Skyping is hard work!

Here I am hanging out on Mommy's lap while we opened presents:

Oma and Opa got me a little baby doll that sleeps in a pea pod. It's really not THAT big. It just looks like it in this picture. :-)

Grammy and Pappy got me a baby doll too! It has lots of ribbons for me to touch and feel. Here I am with both of my baby dolls.

I am the one sticking my tongue out. He! He!

Who is the cutest baby? ;-)

After presents it was snuggle time on the couch. Daddy and me:

Mommy and me:

Here is a video of Mommy and me playing with my baby doll from Grammy and Pappy. We had a fun Christmas Eve and are looking forward to Christmas tomorrow. Stay tuned for lots more pictures!

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