Saturday, November 13, 2010

Future Edinboro Girls!

Today we went up to Statesville to visit Andy, Lindsey, and Aubrey. We also took a walk so that we could see Joe, Anita, Steve, and Sophie. Mommy and Daddy went to Edinboro with Andy, Lindsey, Joe, and Anita. Ironically Mommy, Anita, and Lindsey were all pregnant at the same time and all of us were born within a week of each other.
Aubrey - Monday, September 27th
Sophie - Thursday, September 30th
Me - Sunday, October 3rd
Here is a picture that was taken on Labor Day.

Hanging out with Lindsey and Aubrey
The former Edinboro girls and the future Edinboro girls....and guy! :-)

Enjoying a walk around the neighborhood.

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