Monday, November 22, 2010

Fun with cousin Kai!

Here are some pictures of me hanging out with my cousin, Kai. We've come to realize that we really don't have that many pictures of the two of us together. It seems like we take turns crying and being happy, but it's a rare occasion that we are both happy at the same time. :-) Our goal today it to take lots of pictures of us together. Stay tuned!!

Hanging out with Kathrin and Kai! Skyping with Oma and Opa. We were both really interested in this!

Kai and I shopping at Birkdale Village.

Here I am in my homemade bonnet from my Uroma (Great Grandmother).

Here is Kai all smiles while shopping!

Here are two vidoes:

There is one of Kai "talking". He is a little bit older than me (5 1/2 months old). Pretty soon I will be able to do that too! Isn't he just so cute?!?! :-)

There is also a video of me taking another bath. Aunt Michelle filled the bathtub all the way to the top so that my ears were even in the water. I really liked it because it was like being back in the womb. :-)

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