Friday, November 12, 2010

Bundle Me!

Although we don't live in chilly Pennsylvania, it does get cold here too. Oma bought me this nice "Bundle Me" that attaches right to my car seat. It is so soft and cozy. Mommy has tested it out a couple of times now. Once for a walk and again today. Mommy had her 6 week follow up appointment this morning and it was cold outside! We got to see Dr. Bull today which was neat because she is the doctor who delivered me! :-) Here are the pictures of me bundled up as well as a video at the end! So comfy and cozy on our walk.

Sleeping in the car.
Mommy took a video of me sleeping today. If you turn up the volume you can hear me snoring! I get that from my Daddy. ;-) I am a loud sleeper though and make all sorts of sounds in my sleep.

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